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Tips and Precautions


The Pocket bellows  has the ability to create a 4 foot flame in seconds.
To avoid injury,  always keep a reasonable distance between you and the fire.
Never position yourself downwind or above a fire while using our bellows.
Remember that Fire is Dangerous and should be treated as such!

At all cost, avoid fire starting during dry and windy conditions.
Don't be that guy who burnt down the forest!

Our bellows are not toys and should not be used by unsupervised children or by individuals who have not been trained in fire safety!

Now the lawyers tell us we need to warn you on common sense concepts like;

  • Don't inhale fire through the bellows,
  • the tip of the bellows closest the fire may be hot (go figure) - let it cool before collapsing/touching,
  • Don't use our bellows with chemical accelerants like gasoline or lighter fluid,
  • and fire can cause injury, death, and property damage... so be careful

Check and obey all fire restriction and wood collection regulations.  Always completely douse any fire you start before leaving it unattended!  The below links will take you to additional fire safety information.

Forest Service Campfire Tips & Safety

Safety Tips For Starting A Fire



Use the driest tinder and kindling available.  The wetter the fuels used to start a fire, the longer the fire takes to reach optimal burn temperatures.  Look for dead & dry pine needles/cones that may be stuck hanging in trees or hiding under tree canopies and if necessary shake and pat dry materials found on the ground.

Like most worthy survival techniques, our "Base of Coals" Wet-Weather
Fire Starting Technique requires practice to get a feel for how a fire reacts to  additional oxygen.  Be sure to watch our
"Detailed Instructional" Video a few times and practice bellowing a fire when you have the opportunity to start a fire.  After mastering dry fuel fire ignition, practice wet fuels by intentionally dampening fuels and bellowing these damper fuels.

When starting a fire with a Pocket Bellows, use very light exhaled breaths until you see the "Glowing Heart" begin to grow with each exhale.  Then slowly increase the strength and length of your exhales.  When the "Glowing Heart" is the size of your fist, you should begin strong exhales.
It is like riding a bike, once you've done it, you will never forget the
"Glowing Heart".

Take care to not mistreat your bellows. Our bellows is designed as a precision collapsible tool and will break if mistreated. Take care to clean dust/dirt from the bellows before collapsing to keep the bellows collapsing slides in good working order.  The bellows is not a fire poker and should be kept at least 6 inches from a fire's flames.  If you use it as a poker, you will warp the bellows internal slide mechanism.


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